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  • Invest in your health?
  • Lose weight?
  • Start a healthier lifestyle?
  • Increase energy?
  • Reduce sugar cravings?
  • Learn how to eat healthy on a budget?
  • Minimize cooking/meal prep time?
  • Be more in tune with your body?
  • Try new delicious, simple, and healthy recipes to add variety to your diet?
  • Train better by recovering faster from workouts?
  • Discover food allergies?
  • Explore plant-based diets and learn how to incorporate these practices into their previous lifestyles?
  • Detox and cleanse the body of common irritants to decrease inflammation

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What others are saying...

"First of all, through Danielle’s “cleanup” I got some GREAT new recipes!  I can use these and keep them vegan/vegetarian or even add meat sometimes.  I also discovered some amazing new products!...I find it interesting that after a week my tastebuds are still wanting natural stuff...we’ve been doing a team challenge at Shed, and my times have not been that great… However, this week I KILLED it and beat my best time by 2 MINUTES!..." -Megan Conner, Personal Trainer  

 “You have changed the way I look at food. You have definitely helped me find a way to eat that makes me feel light and healthy. Your recipes are incredible and I’ve had a great time trying new foods! You truly are great at what you do.” -Amie Wells, and Titans All Access Reporter and Contributor

"This program helped me tremendously - it opened my eyes, once again, to the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet. I think it's easy to eat mostly vegan, like I do, and still consume unhealthy foods. But Danielle's program helps you cut out those unnecessary foods without making you feel deprived, thanks to her delicious recipes and her constant urgings to listen to your body and make the program work for you. She is also so helpful and encouraging within the Facebook group, which you gain access to when you sign up for the program. Whether you're looking to clean up your diet without starving yourself, or simply to learn more about nutrition and the benefits of being plant-based, look no further than the Uncaged Cleanup!" -Stacey Oswald, LA food blogger,

“As someone who is wary of diets in general (and who LOVES to eat), I wanted to try Uncaged Cleanup to see how removing processed foods from my diet would make me feel. I expected to be hungry all the time and totally miserable. Other than mentally missing cheese, bread, and chocolate, I wasn't low energy or hungry at ALL actually. It just took planning and mental fortitude! Being aware of what's in your food and what you put in your body is the first step to being a more healthy person overall, and I loved the jump-start that Uncaged Cleanup provided.” - Sondra Noble, owner of Hip Hues

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Uncaged Cleanup
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  • The complete Uncaged Cleanup eBook complete with extensive grocery lists, my favorite products lists, meal plans, and 30+ recipe.
  • A gift package from me including a sample of Doterra Lemon Essential oil and 2 of my favorite store-bought snacks.
  • Two free 30min. 1 on 1 phone consults before and after to discuss your goals for the program and how to incorporate them for long term success.
  • A link to join the secret "Uncaged Club" Facebook group for daily tips from me and the opportunity to interact with network of people in the program for additional support.
  • 25% off any additional services, including grocery shopping trips, pantry clean outs, in home meal prep help, and additional consultations for personalized attention to help meet your long-term goals faster - this is valid for up to one year!